Amigurumi - card-01

Besides the Yarnbombing meetings, I am offering special workshops about Amigurumi (the japanese art of crocheting small stuffed animals).

In these workshops, you will be amigurumi samples patterns-02able to create basic 3D shapes, read diagrams and patterns and design your own creations. Besides, you will discover the benefits of crochet as a meditative and self-esteem empowerment practice. 

They are donation based, what you want to give will be welcome. Also, you can propose something in exchange, or buy some material I will bring. It will help to fund Yarnbombing Amsterdam! projects.

Are you interested? drop a comment here or write an e-mail at When we get a minimun of 4 persons interested, I will schedule a series of three sessions (one per week).

Would you like to host workshops in your shop / cultural center / etc.? Contact me as well!

See the Agenda for next dates and locations.



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