Vertical garden

Now in progress


Some weeks ago I just discovered by chance a very nice initiative in Amsterdam West for revitalizing a complex neighborhood: a public self-managed garden (Spiegeltuin). A wall covered by old fishing nets and plastic bags with plants hanging from them called my attention. Some minutes after, we had already made a deal for renewing  it using, of course crochet.

I realized I had at home, already for few time ago, two old bicycle tyres I found in the street and that I took without an specific idea but sure that they had a lot of potential. And the vertical garden was the perfect excuse to use them. We need a lot (probably around 60), but this is Amsterdam, the most bicycle friendly city in Europe, so every week I can get without any problem around 15 from my nearest bicycle shop.

We will crochet every wheel inside and outside with thick plastic thread, very resistent for outdoors. Everybody who participates in it can do free work with every wheel; the only condition is to be crochet and to use the same thread.

To give an homogeneous appereance to the whole wall, we want to paint it in three or four shades of the same colour. But, as paint can be really expensive (we would need tons and tons of spray, for example, to cover everything), we are considering using pieces from old clothes / fabric and go wraping with them the crochet work and the wheels (start keeping your old / damaged clothes at home!)


For inspiration about crochet patterns for this project, you can have a look at this website:






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