Snake of freedom

Emergency calling to yarnbomb!

People from De Slang (an old and thriving cultural-artistic squat in Amsterdam) asked us for help and to participate in their S.O.S. activity since a housing corporation wants to close it to build, instead, luxury apartments.

We thought quickly about an idea: something easy so we can do it in just few hours, a concept behind related to De Slang (it means “the snake”), and something popular for everybody to join independently of crochet or whatever other technic skills.

So there we came up with it… make a chain. As simple as that. A chain as a long snake. Then we would add wire in between the chain and we would write words with it.

Here is the result (it still have to be measured… lots and lots and lots of meters there!). And De Slang crew will use it as a symbol of what their place is when they are in the City Hall.



What happened at De Slang that day just was the most unbeatable proof that people really need spaces like that.  And a “space like that” has no more requeriments than four walls; rest is about enthousiasm, freedom and respect, and well… a soup at the right time! Thanks.


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