Yarnbombing at TOMS

Through Young Blood Initiative (https://www.facebook.com/Youngbloodinitiative), artistic community of which I am part of, comes this collaboration between Yarnbombing Amsterdam! and TOMS.

We are happy to announce the exciting monthly collaboration between TOMS and Young Blood Initiative (YBI)! Every last Thursday of the month in the evening, Young Blood Initiative is taking over TOMS Flagship store with an event featuring one act/one artist from YBI.

We are kicking off the series with a FREE Yarnbombing session led by Yarnbombing Amsterdam! Founder, Artist Maria Sempere Valdecantos.

Yarnbombing Amsterdam! is a collective for handmade-urban-art-collective and selfless creation, specifically using textiles materials such as yarn, threads or rope.

You’ll not only participate in a workshop but collaborate in a popular guerrilla movement, making an art installation that will transform and give a new meaning to the space.

You won’t need any prior skills, and we will provide all the materials and basic instructions to make and build it. Normally the installations are composed of several small, simple and similar parts of which we will bring some examples to start with; so teaching how to make them, making them and building the installation will be a simultaneous process. You will choose the task that is more suitable for you. Best of all it’s FREE to participate, plus we’ll provide drinks and snacks!

Come and LEARN, CREATE and SHARE in a creative and fun atmosphere!

1- Getting ready!

  • Concept: the world of candies and sweets. Why? it is a POPULAR guerrilla where every participant has to take an important part on it; not only learning and copying a sample but also taking initiative by suggesting colors to use/what shapes to make/how to install it/etc. to the group. So “Candy world” is not a complex subject but it can have infinite possibilities.
  • Materials: colorful yarns made out of old T-shirt and other textiles, rope, synthetic thread.







2- Go! February, 27th, 2015

Someone asked me what was the purpose of this workshop…

A Yarnbombing workshop is meant to erase all your prejudices about your handmade skills and creativity; everybody has skills and to find them is not as difficult as it seems; everybody should experience the joy of creating things and explore his/her capabilities, what will lead to more self-confidence.
In a Yanrbombing workshop, I aim ultimately to give you new tools to express yourself freely; like a new lenguage. Doesn’t matter if you learn it by making colorful candies; the same tool, once you know it, will let you raise your voice about whatever concerns you, from small details in your everyday life to social or politic issues.
And at last but not least, it is a great excuse to socialize and simply, have a nice time.

Some pictures of the evening here, by Adriana Ochoa:

11004218_10152758516522684_2037125194_n 11004227_10152758496797684_1513423940_n 11004305_10152758496867684_508079575_n 11004508_10152758516497684_408933323_n 11005604_10152758516152684_1118401211_n 11005747_10152758524897684_167387359_n 11009065_10152758526082684_775467553_n 11016632_10152758525027684_1881512447_n 11016749_10152758525107684_1071301455_n 11020357_10152758482262684_1892462326_n 11023119_10152758497047684_1687142586_n 11026350_10152758525822684_118714489_n 11028696_10152758481977684_689479084_o DSCN0312 DSCN0313


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