> WED, April 13th @ TOMS (Runstraat, 13), from 2 to 4 p.m._ TOMS + Oceana. Workshop for kids_ Yarnbombing session for kids where we will have fun making little turtles out of wire and colorful yarns and upcycled textiles. Official event here:


> THU, September 24th @ TOMS (Runstraat, 13), from 5 to 8 p.m._ WHAT IS MADNESS?_ Yarnbombing session as the kick off of a new Yarnbombing season and the monthly collaboration between TOMS and Young Blood Initiative -art collective from which I am part of.

The workshop will be the first meeting of the new Yarnbombing Season. “What is madness? – Mutant trash“_ We will start working in an installation for which we will use yarn to create artificial plants made out of natural materials and trash, all found in the park, in order to question our way of interaction with the natural environment.
> Crochet/knitting skills are not needed, although you can learn and incorporate it to your work.
> Do you have old t-shirts? you can bring them along and use them for your creation.

Mutant Plants WORKSHOP ad

For more info, check the official event page on Facebook:

Next projects

>Mutant trash_ 

>State of Play – Textile Playground_ Collaboration with a beautiful initiative started by Caroline Lindo* (Textile Hunters). We together will design, make and build a giant playground in Amsterdam out of reused textiles for kids of all ages.

As always, skills are not needed and participation will be free (because of no money and because everybody is welcome!). Stay tuned and start imagining the playground of your dreams!

*For more information about the project, check this website:


Would you like to participate in some of our projects but you cannot come to the meetings? contact us (comment, e-mail…) and I will give you details about what can you do, where and when send it by post.


  • Looking for a workspace! don’t hesitate in contact me if you would like to host textile-art related workshops.

2 thoughts on “Agenda

    • Hello Duygu! sure! looking forward to meet you. Anyways, I was just told that we can’t meet at OT as it was planned, so we will meet instead at the Blauwe Thee Huis, in Vondelpark.

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