State of Play – Textile Playground (collaboration with Textile Hunters)


The Playground project by Caroline Lindo ( I talked you about some time ago is now happening and we are collaborating!
First big date: May 14th @NDSM Werf.

“For textile hunters last but not least teaser at Hemeltjelief! 2015: Daar komt de aap uit de mouw… Stuffed animals, pillows and other crazy fluff!! Have you got some old stuffed animals for us? Please contact us at this page! And feel free to share;)

These stuffed fluffy monsters will be transformed into a banana monkey playscape textile jungle to be created and played in at the festival!!

See you there!” (Textile hunters)

More info, workshops dates, coming very soon!
In the meanwhile, let me know if you are willing to participate (as always, you don’t need prior skills and EVERYBODY is welcome).


Here more about the State of Play concept and great examples as inspiration:!playscape/c6v5


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